1. To understand is to perceive patterns by http://notthisbody.com/

  2. A nice looking reminder of what might be your network impact… don’t give away everything! Awareness is important!

  3. Making Future Magic: iPad light painting


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  4. +Michael Mozart shared a video which made me feel catched… enthusiasm for technique is dangerous if no woman is around that brings you back to reason with the words “for what?”.

  5. icelandpictures:

    Finally good video footage of the Grímsvötn eruption

    Jón Gústafsson of the Helicopter Service of Iceland captured this footage of the Grímsvötn eruption only three hours after the eruption began. A friend of mine got to tag along in the helicopter… envy…

    Check it out. It’s a bit long (edited in the copter on the way back), but it gets more violent and interesting towards the end. They are one of the few companies that offer helicopter sight seeing in Iceland. According to their site they are not offering tours to the eruption yet… but say they will as soon as possible.

    wow! look at the footag of the eruption in HD … can’t decide wether it’s beautiful or scary