1. Ok, some of you seem to be unsure about how to place a gist in a tumblr posting.
    It’s as easy as that:

    Place the above code in your posts HTML (Post Editor->HTML), but replace 1659345 with the id of your gist.

  2. Rounded corners in Android layouts

    To get rounded corners for layouts or layout elements in Android you can use the shape drawable to stay flexibel without the need to create Nine-Patch-Drawables everytime your layout changes a bit. See the Documentation-Section for all attributes.


  3. Notebook Touchpad not working with Ubuntu Unity

    If your Touchpad suddenly freezes since you’re using Ubuntu Unity instead of the gnome-shell (you’ll be using Unity if you’ve updated to 11.10): don’t panic!

    Attach a Mouse to your notebook and open a terminal (or open it with your keyboard) OR start ubuntu with the gnome shell which won’t freeze your touchpad.

    Then type

    gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.mouse active false

    which sets the presence of an external mouse to false in the gnome settings.
    Due to a bug this is set to true without reason and inactivates your touchpad.

    Now restart your session! Thanks to Kate Stewart and her comment on the bug.

  4. …  if you sign up for the appsumo newsletter. Appsumo is a daily deals site for web geeks!

  5. You like todo lists? Then you will love Wunderlist… beautiful design, beautiful user experience!

  6. If you’re familiar with the ‘lightbox’ concept, rlightbox offers more of the same but specifically aimed at presenting media, including YouTube and Vimeo videos. It includes panorama, live resizing, and theme support.

  7. Sync your Pidgin Profile via Dropbox

    While trying to move my Ubuntu profile into the cloud to easily sync it across all my devices i stumpled upon a very good post from howtogeek.com.

    It’s a simple task if you use symlinks to redirect the default pidgin profile location on your clients to a dropbox folder that contains the profile data. Dropbox syncs fast and instantly and notifies you on everything that changed about your files since your last sync.

    This article on howtogeek.com offers a more detailed explanation including Windows systems.

  8. Problems with Ubuntu Flash Plugin

    If you’re experiencing a stalling browser, crashing flash movies, overlapping and bad behaving flash menues, then this COULD be your tool to overcome the issues:

    What it does is to check what flash-version(s) are installed on your system and to propose the correct version, removes the old one, replaces it with the new choice and applies some tweaks.

  10. infoneer-pulse:

    When people can learn what others think, the wisdom of crowds may veer towards ignorance.

    In a new study of crowd wisdom — the statistical phenomenon by which individual biases cancel each other out, distilling hundreds or thousands of individual guesses into uncannily accurate average answers — researchers told test participants about their peers’ guesses. As a result, their group insight went awry.

    “Although groups are initially ‘wise,’ knowledge about estimates of others narrows the diversity of opinions to such an extent that it undermines” collective wisdom, wrote researchers led by mathematician Jan Lorenz and sociologist Heiko Rahut of Switzerland’s ETH Zurich, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on May 16. “Even mild social influence can undermine the wisdom of crowd effect.”

    » via Wired